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It's not just about zombies.

What Did You Think of The Walking Dead Finale?

Posted By Lauren Bradshaw on Dec 6, 2010 at 6:30AM

For a show with an incredibly short first season, The Walking Dead hasn't been afraid to lay everything out on the table. In only six episodes, the series has killed off several characters and given us enough gore to turn even the strongest stomachs. The bar was set pretty high leading up to last night's episode, which made me curious to see how the first season would close.

The episode focuses on Rick and the other survivors as they enter the CDC to escape the zombies and get some answers. At first, the place is like paradise, with working hot showers and enough wine to get everyone intoxicated. But things quickly turn into a ticking time bomb — both literally and figuratively. Shane's resentment toward Rick and Lori explodes, Andrea can't shake her sister's death, and the CDC doctor is acting a little strange.

While the episode doesn't pack a ton of action, it's definitely intense (the similarities to Lost seemed more apparent than ever). I would've liked more information regarding other survivors or a cure, but there was one cliffhanger that will keep me tuning in for next season: what does Dr. Jenner whisper in Rick's ear? Chime in with your theories on their secret and on the episode in general. And don't forget to check out out The Walking Dead Fans group in the BuzzSugar Community.

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3 Reasons Why I'm Already Hooked on The Walking Dead

Posted By braddybradshaw on Nov 7, 2010 at 10:41PM

Okay, I'll admit that the recent episode nearly made me hurl with its zombie guts, but that aside, I'm really liking AMC's new series The Walking Dead. Hear me out as I plead my case:

1. It's more than just zombies. Other than perhaps Shaun of the Dead, I'm not exactly a big fan of the zombies. I've never seen Night of the Living Dead or 28 Days Later, but luckily, The Walking Dead is more concerned with its actual living characters. It gives even the minor roles a surprising amount of depth. You might imagine that in a zombie-ravaged world, us humans would have to bond together, and the series focuses on building those relationships.

2. It moves at a swift pace. When I first heard about the premise for the show with one man trying to find his wife and son in the midst of zombies, I sort of thought, well, this is going to be boring. I pictured just him by his lonesome on the road. But the show keeps things moving quickly to help build suspense. Instead of Rick spending multiple episodes in his old town, the writers immediately got him moving on his journey, and he hasn't paused since.

3. Juicy romance drama. In the midst of all that horse carnage (ugh, gross!), the writers have still managed to squeeze in a compelling love triangle between Rick, Shane, and Rick's wife Lori. I'm no longer interested as much in Rick's survival (my guess is he'll probably live, since he's the star of the show) — I really just want to see how he reacts once he discovers that his best friend has been boinking his wife in the woods.

Are you liking The Walking Dead so far? Share your thoughts on the show!

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